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Hello and welcome to my little spot on this big world of the internet.
I'm a girl who is 5th child of a family of 8. So not much time to be loney.
I have 4 brothers (3 older and one young) and 3 sisters. (1 older and two younger)
Dad and Mom are really awsome cool, they are more friends to us all. However trust me they can come down on us if need be.
I am into like m ost young teen girls into school and boys, and gymanist and boys, and shopping and boys, and my friends,
did I mention BOYS. LOL.

I now live in Pennsylvania, but will be moving to Arkansas.
Dad is from Pennsylvania, Mom is from Califorina.
They met each other at George Air force Base in 1979. However they were both to shy to saying thing to one another.
My brother Michael is the oldest.
Then comes my sister Jennifer who is like my BFF.
Then We have Matthew whose the cool one to hang with.
John is next he is in the Navy.
Well now we come the the pretty and hot one LOL yes Loveable little old ME!!!!!
After me comes Ashley and yes if you boys think you get with her lol FORGET!!!!!!! I beat you up.
Joshua is the next to the last he at that goofy stage in his life.
Melanie is the baby and man she can play the part well.

Well like all daughters we girls have daddy wrapped around our little finger.

MY soon to be Grandparents on Mom's side
My soon to be Grand Dad and Step Grand Ma

My Parents and two little Sisters (Ashley and Melanie) and little Brother (Joshua)

Dad,Mom,Ashley,Joshua, and Melanie